Medvape.shop is your natural choice for aromatherapy, thermal extraction device (ted) and dry herb Vaporizers. We are #1 in Europe for dry herb vaporizers. Products ship from EU warehouse.

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Medvape.shop sells dry herb vaporizers for use in aromatherapy with dried herbs / flowers. The store has an 18 year age limit. 

We do not sell or encourage the use of: nicotine, tobacco, e-juice, e-cigarette or illicit drugs. All Medvape products are legal for sales in Europe and Scandinavia.

Medvape.shop is a family business focused on providing the very best quality dry herb Vaporizers - at the best prices in Europe.

We have chosen top brand vaporizers, at Medvape.shop, all products have CE marking and are manufactured from guaranteed good and safe materials. We do not sell vaporizers that compromise on material quality or vape quality.

You can rest assured that you get a good and safe product when you shop at Medvape.shop. All our vaporizers are sold with a two year warranty, according to The Consumer Protection Act.

Customer service is important to us, we are always available at mail: [email protected] or send us an SMS or WhatsApp +4792252055.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding products, delivery or similar.

Are you looking for a Vaporizer we don't have in our store? Contact us and we can order it for you!

We do not think it is right to exploit our customers by charging high prices for products that are important to Your Health. We work hard to offer you the lowest prices and free delivery to all countries in Europe from our warehouse in Sweden-EU.

Try Medvape.shop as your supplier of quality dry herb Vaporizers! 

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Asendia: Tracked normal slow international mail package 10-20 days.